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Powerful multi-channel broadcast and marketing engine
Wireless, wifi HD camera included
60 day trial, no questions asked
No hidden fees

Live broadcasting to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

Social marketing to 10+ platforms

Connect and grow phone and email lists automatically

Live multi-channel chat control

Live offers and contests

USB and internal camera supported

Video recording

Audience and customer analytics

$89 / month

after trial period

Custom and Team Solutions

Send us a note and we’ll get in touch to discuss how we can help. We’re experts in video streaming and tailoring solutions to your organization’s roles in marketing, sales, content production, and management.


Where does my audience see the broadcast?

Wherever they subscribe and follow your business and brand. As example: Facebook followers view on your Page or Profile, and email subscribers receive a link to a unique URL.

How do I connect to more customers?

Live video gets 3 times the engagement as non-live video -- more people see and share your Pitchtime. During a live broadcast monitor and real-time respond to comments and questions coming from user chat on social and web channels. Engage, interact, and connect!

How do I convert followers and subscribers to customers through Pitchtime?

Select a Pitchtime campaign type – such as Q+A, product sale, offer, or contest – and our solution will automatically capture audience email or phone contact during campaign signup, chat, opt-in, or sale! You’ll take action on metrics and new contact info in your dashboard.

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